Virgin train

Virgin is the train I ride every day,
Keep all luggage by my side every day!
Metro is the paper I pick every day,
Stuffs in the bin make me sick every day! :)

Train Manager wants to check my ticket every day,
Passengers want to chat about cricket every day!
Beautiful ladies looking for seat every day,
Sitting with them rises heart beat every day! :)

Half an hour at least I try to sleep every day,
In the exact time phones beep every day!
Staffs are new friends with I talk every day,
Doors of the toilet I lock every day! :)

I am first on train to get off every day,
For Victoria tube station I Set off every day!
In tube then I get squashed every day,
In sweat the deodorants get washed every day! :)


This year's National Poetry Day theme is 'Truth'.
Plain talk, No mess,
Truth is fearless.
It does not manipulate,
Neither does it speculate.
Everyone has their own truth,
Be it elderly or Youth.
One sees 6, the other sees 9
Depending on situations both may be fine.
Actual Truth always remains within us,
Sometimes it can create bit of a fuss.
It always comes triumphant at the end,
Follower of Truth is a real Godsend.


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